Seattle Chocolate taps ‘superfood’ coffee by-product


Seattle Chocolate Company has fortified its latest product, due to hit US retail shelves next month, with fiber-rich dried coffee cherry pulp.

The firm’s  ‘A Super Chocolate Truffle Bar’ will retail for $3.50 per 2.5-ounce bar from July 1.

The truffle bar is crafted using the dried coffee cherry pulp, produced by CoffeeFlour.

CoffeeFlour helps convert discarded coffee cherries into flour for baking, crafting chocolate, and making beverages. So far, Seattle Chocolate is the only confectioner in the world that partners with CoffeeFlour.

“CoffeeFlour is a nutritious antioxidant with, gram for gram, more fiber than whole grain wheat flour, more protein than fresh kale, more potassium than a banana and more iron than fresh spinach,” said Jean Thompson, CEO of Seattle Chocolate Company.

A Super Chocolate Truffle Bar includes cocoa nibs from Colombia to increase its healthy perception.

Seattle Chocolate launched its first ‘superfood’ chocolate bar fortified CoffeeFlour earlier this year, called the jcoco arabica cherry espresso in dark chocolate. The “J” in jcoco is named after the CEO’s first name, and the jcoco chocolate line was introduced in 2012, according to the company.

“The new A Super Chocolate bar is the result of the positive response to our original CoffeeFlour-infused jcoco bar,” Thompson told ConfectioneryNews.

She saidher company’s partnership with CoffeeFlour also helps alleviate the environmental effects of coffee production and improve the lives of farmers.

“Ultimately, our partnership is built on a commitment to protect the environment, repurposing the traditionally wasted coffee fruit pulp to create products.”

Thompson said there is a continued rise in the popularity of premiumization in the US chocolate market, as well as a shifting trend toward more organic and responsibly sourced ingredients.

“Consumers demand more artisan ingredients, and unique flavor combinations,” she said. “Our premium chocolate is prepared in small batches, without preservatives, additives or extenders. At Seattle Chocolates, we’ve continued to evolve and expand our product offerings to appeal to the premium consumer.”

Seattle Chocolate Company was founded in 1991, and has been using all-natural ingredients to produce chocolate truffles, truffle bars and other seasonal products.

“Our full line of chocolates are certified Kosher, and most are also non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan,” said Thompson.

Consumers demand more premium chocolateAlleviate the environmental effects of coffee productionMade with dried coffee cherry pulp

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