The food industry has taken notable steps to address the issue of sustainable sourcing, compelled by a corporate and social responsibility that ensures products that are produced in a safe, supportive and environmentally responsible manner.

But are there other reasons why food makers want to go down the sustainability route? Presumably the task to remould an existing business model to include sustainability is somewhat of a time-consuming burden.

There is also the expense in sourcing sustainable raw materials, ensuring its complete traceability as well as safeguarding the livelihood of the people involved in the product’s lifecycle.

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Costa Rican startup G&E Chocolate Adventure Company is to bring its packaged retail brand of flavored roasted cocoa beans to international markets.

From January 2017, the firm – which sources ingredients from its own plantation – will begin selling its Cacao Sweety brand overseas, beginning in the UK.

It also hopes to sell its flavored cocoa nibs as inclusions to the food industry as well as other cocoa ingredients such as powder.

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